09-13-2016, 10:48 AM
Taqabal Allahu minn wa minkum!

From all the staff, volunteers and beneficiaries of HHUGS, we wish you a warm Eid Mubarak!

We pray Allah makes your deeds a light for you on a Day that will be filled with darkness, and an intercessor for you, making heavy your scale of deeds and being the means of you entering Jannatul-Firdaws, Ameen.

With your donations we were able to provide our beneficiaries 228 shares of Qurbani. Through your generous support, we were also able to provide Eid gifts to families and reunite children with their fathers on this special day.

If that was not reason enough to celebrate then we were fortunate to have 68 heroes taking part in the Race to Jannah II Challenge. Through their astounding efforts, they raised over 21k to provide relief to the mothers following in the footsteps of Hajar. We hope you can join us for our next one!

It's still not too late to make this and Eid to Remember!

“Just as the day of Nahr (Eid celebrating the conclusion of Hajj) is considered the Great Eid (Eid al Akbar), because before this day is the day of Arafat. There is no day of the year that more people will be freed from the Hell-fire than this day. Therefore, whoever is freed from the Hell-fire during these two times of the year enjoys two days of celebration and whoever is not freed from the Hell-fire will bear a day of torture.” (Ibn Rajab)
There’s nothing better to efface your sins and shortcomings in the past ten days than sadaqah.Ways you can deliver an unforgettable Eid for the families:

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