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09-27-2016, 02:52 AM
:bism: (In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful)

I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on the first presidential debate that I've just finished watching tonight.

Donald Trump tried to look and talk "presidential" for about 5 minutes and then he became the firebrand which we know and have known since he started running for the GOP elections. He held his own against Hillary. In some things, I think he definitely did much better than Hillary Clinton; that said, for many of us Americans, what has been concerning to us is his temperament. He did and continues to look like a "loose cannon." He proves himself easily provoked.

One thing of note personally for me were the economics issue: I'd done a paper on trickle-down economics which is known as Reaganomics when I was in high school; it has been proven not to work, and Donald Trump is touting that as a viable economic strategy for the future of the American public.

The other thing of note is that Donald Trump catered to his base because he submitted that law and order should be a priority, which it is for us as Americans; but I notice that he'd talked about this in the context of recent shootings of a black man by a cop which is what we have in our consciousness when we're thinking about this matter, even though there had also previously been black military men shooting cops as a result of perceived injustice. The race issue has become really heated since President Obama took office and had given his opinions on specific matters which I personally think and have thought should have been left to the state to resolve; so, if black voters are wise, they'll realize that Donald Trump's a hardliner on the issue of police being given the more benefit of doubt than black persons in any shooting that might occur. He'd noted that he'd received endorsements from police departments, another thing that might dissuade black voters from believing that he's equally well-intentioned towards them (despite touring black churches and predominantly black areas recently on the campaign trail).

Trump didn't answer some questions directly like about fact-checking not proving that he was against the Iraq War; however, Trump tried to spin that by saying initially he wasn't sure (when asked in an earlier interview) but then felt that it was surely a bad decision because it would destabilize the Middle East (at a later interview). He also did a spin on the Birther movement of which he'd been a strong proponent by saying that when he got involved is when President Obama felt compelled to make public his birth certificate and so he deserves credit for that he'd said. However, he also noted that Hillary Clinton is not best chums with President Obama as she's presented herself to be on the stage because in the past they've had their differences and one of the ways she'd tried to harm is the leak of Obama in a traditional African garb when she'd been running against him all those years ago.

Hillary Clinton did look better in the way she presented her arguments, although I don't think she should have interrupted Trump in the moments that she did; and Hillary Clinton's recent health issues which had become a public concern after what happened on the 9/11 New York memorial dissipated as she looked hale and hearty and was presenting her arguments without breaking a single sweat. She had a smile on her face throughout, which personally I take as a seasoned politician's game face but which might be persuasive to the undecided Independents of U.S. Donald Trump, on the other hand, had an annoyed look on his face throughout the debate.

Donald Trump did make digs in Hillary's narrative of trade deals or NATO; but she presented her own opposing viewpoint. Hillary Clinton's email issue was not a focal point because she simply admitted that she made a mistake and she takes full responsibility; Donald Trump not releasing his taxes, however, became an issue, but he was able to take an awesome potshot at Hillary by saying that he would release his tax returns against the advice of his attorneys if she releases all the emails that she'd deleted and makes full disclosure about them (and then he'd immediately release his tax returns as well he'd said).

God knows what'll happen; however, I am leaning on the side that Hillary Clinton did slightly better because Donald Trump was mostly on the defensive. I think those who believe that Hillary Clinton is a bald-faced liar (which she has in all honesty proven herself to be) won't be convinced, but those who want a person in the White House who won't be happy to pull the nuclear switch might still notice that Donald Trump is not quite "presidential" even if he's pretended to be so for these few weeks under the strictures placed on him by his campaign managers. Guess it's still anybody's game.

May God give us the person in the White House who will be actually good for the people.

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