View Full Version : Software should be an excellent field for Muslims

09-30-2016, 11:50 AM
You could easily face discrimination as a Muslim. You may be excellent at what you do, but unbelievers and especially the pagan State could try to clip your wings. It is better to be prepared for that. One really nice thing about programming work, is that you can do it entirely anonymously. Nobody knows who exactly is behind a particular internet platform, unless he tells you. My own co-workers, suppliers, or customers don't know my face or my name. I like it that way. Virus writers abuse a bit of this. Still, compare this to other professions where State institutions could prevent you from graduating or revoke your license. When you receive your income in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, there is also no bank account or other assets for the State to attack. I do not accept payments through banks, because that makes it very easy to put pressure on you. Of course, various State actors are very well aware of that, but what can they do about it? What technology would they be able to use against the very source technology? Furthermore, any of that could badly backfire for them. The security of systems and information is a really interesting sub-field. It is not just a well-paid activity to secure things. You get to understand how an increasingly important part of otherwise critical infrastructure works. Technology is controlled by the ones who understand it. That is better than erstwhile capitalism, where the means of production were under control of the ruling class. They no longer control anything, because they cannot stop the knowledge or the source code from circulating freely, while they also do not particularly understand it. That is why they always end up relying directly or indirectly on people who do, but who obviously have their own agendas. As you can see, such situation is a welcome opportunity for furthering a Muslim agenda.

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