View Full Version : the best of humans after the prophets are the true and righteous

10-10-2016, 06:01 PM
the best of humans after the Ambiyaa are the Siddeeqeen, as Allaah mentioned them in the Aayah:

'And all those who obey Allaah and His Rasool, are in the company of those on whom Allaah has bestowed His Favour: of the Nabiyyeen, the Siddeeqeen, the Shuhadaa (Martyrs) and the Saaliheen (Pious); And what a beautiful fellowship that is!
(Soorah an-Nisaa, 4:69, 70)” [Ibid.]

"And the Sufi is in reality a kind of Siddeeq (i.e. from one of the categories of the Siddeeqeen); a Siddeeq who specialises in Zuhd and `Ibaadah." [Ibid.]

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