View Full Version : What's more important: the meaning of a name or the companions who had this name?

11-05-2016, 12:47 AM
Assalamu Alaykum,

When choosing a Muslim name, what is more important: the meaning/etymology of the name or the companions who had this name?

Are they equally important? Is one of them more important than the other? Is one of them unimportant?

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11-05-2016, 02:25 AM

The best of names are those that show servitude to Allah (Abdullah, Abd al-Rahman, etc), then the names of the prophets (peace be upon them) and their variations (Muhammad, Ahmad, Ibrahim, etc), then the names of other pious Muslims. [Radd al-Muhtar, Ibn ‘Abideen]

Islam emphasizes that Muslims should have good names and give good names to their children. It is reported in a hadith that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "You will be called on the Day of Resurrection by your names and the names of your fathers, so have good names." (Reported by Abu Dawud)

Islamic Guidance in Choosing Names

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