View Full Version : Need help picking a major...can anyone share experience or wisdom??

11-22-2016, 06:03 PM
right now, I am considering a few degrees
I was originally going to go for something social science related, like international affairs or economics, but I've decided I would prefer something more technical....like physics, astronomy, mathematics, IT (with a degree in information technology, or computer information systems), or computer science.....I know that I need a degree that will lead to a job that is well suited for someone like me, not just something I am interested in....physics and astronomy have always fascinated me, ESPECIALLY astronomy....but I can only get a doctorate in astronomy...id have to start with degrees in physics.....mathematics is good, but throughout my high school, I have not done well in theoretical "pure" math classes (although I have done terrific on exams, with a 97th percentile in the nation in 1 exam (ACT) and 70th percentile in the other exam (SAT), the one I took last year)......Ive been told by my parents that the reason I have not done well on math classes is because during my second semester of 8th grade, I had to switch middle schools in the middle of the semester, and then switch math classes back and forth, and so I lost track.....and in the 9th grade, as well as earlier, I got so arrogant from bring so good at math that I didn't study, thinking I could ace it on intuition......as for physics, I am torn between physics and mathematics, but worry that if I study physics I will be tempted to get a PhD, which would mean being broke for a long time, and I'm torn between a PhD in physics or astronomy...I would also want to use physics in non scientific fields such as quantitative finance, business, computers, etc. I have never truly been good at computers, and don't have an interest in studying it in my free time, but I feel it would be good for me because there are always jobs and it would be suited for someone with autism, and my other mental health conditions.....I also want to be influential and respected, and have some degree of prestige......does anyone work in any of these fields, and can share experience or wisdom?

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11-22-2016, 06:58 PM
Phrase your precise question in the form of a supplication ("dua"). If your question is answerable, you will receive enough clues to discover the full answer. You will have to supplicate often enough and be patient enough to allow the clues to materialize.

11-22-2016, 07:01 PM
Assalamu Alaikum,

This is your last warning about creating the same threads. Bump your old threads if the advice is insufficient.


format_quote Originally Posted by *charisma*
Assalamu Alaikum

Talk to your university's advisors for the particular majors your interested in and figure out which best is most suitable for you and is attainable. Your indecisiveness will not get you far, and thinking so far ahead without even getting through the first step will not benefit you either (eg. planning for your phD without even getting through your bachelors).

Read the advice you've gotten in your previous threads about the same topic.


Please be aware of the similar threads you keep creating and be courteous to those who have given you advice in the past by actually taking their advice and applying it to your life. I'm very keen on closing this thread, but i will spare you this time.

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