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11-28-2016, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by azc
I think you should study the chapter of battle and books of seerah. Then I hope you will not compare them to big army of Alexander
Books of Seerah? bro? I got them. So what? lol

Alexander defeated many armies much larger than his own with a much smaller army.

Did God will it? Yes.

Was Alexander a believer? No.

What's your point?

That Allah only uses good people to win wars?

Are you sure you study Islamic as well as Jewish/Christian history?

Did you now know that Allah sometimes also chooses an unbelieving folk to punish the believers when they go astray? Or was you ignorant of this fact? Did you know that Allah also refers to these non believers who He uses to punish the believers, as His slaves? Non believing slaves of Allah. Can you wrap your head around this?

And if you can, can you see where I am going with this?

It's high time we dropped the bias and recognised Islam is perfect - Muslims on the other hand... bloody heck.

Sir George Bernard Shaw in his last interview before his death (almost a hundred years ago now) said "The best thing I have seen in all my years is the religion of Islam, the worst I have seen, are the people who claim to follow Islam" close to that effect.

I happen to agree with him.

Can you?


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