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Basics of Islam

What is Islam?

Islam is to testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad :saws: is the Messenger of Allah, to establish Salah (prayer), to pay the Zakah, to fast during the month of Ramadhan, and to perform Hajj (pilgrimage). These are the five pillars of Islam.

See this post for more details: https://www.islamicboard.com/new-muslims/2175-basics-islam.html

Islam is belief in the heart, proclamation by the tongue and actions by the limbs.

How does one become a Muslim?

By proclaiming, "I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah".

This is known as kalimah shahaadah (testimony of faith).

What does Imaan (faith) mean?

Imaan is to have faith in something and to proclaim it.

What is imaan mujmal (faith in a nutshell)?

Imaan mujmal is:


aamantu bil-laahi kamaa huwa bi as-maa-i-hi wa sifaatihi wa qabiltu jamee’a ahkaamihi. ‘iqraarum bil-lisaani wa tasdeequm bil-qalb.
I believe in Allah as He is with all His names and attributes and I accept all of His orders. It is said with the tongue and confirmed in the heart.

What is imaan mufassal (elaborated faith)?

Imaan mufassal is:


aamantu bil-laahi wa ma-laa-i-katihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wal-yaumil-aakhiri wal-qadri khairihi wa shar-rihi minal-laahi ta’aalaa wal-ba’thi ba’dal-maut.
I believe in Allah, in His angels, in His books, in His messengers, in the Day of Judgement, and (I believe) that all good and evil is decreed by Allah, and in the life after death.

These are also known as the pillars of Imaan.

Who is Allah?

Allah is the One and Only God. There is none worthy of worship except Him. He is our Creator and He has always been and He will always be there. He is the Eternal Refuge, the Self-Sufficient Master. He begets not, nor is He begotten. There is none comparable unto Him.

Who are the angels?

Angels are creations whom Allah :swt: has created from light. They carry out various responsibilities. Some of their tasks are: revealing the message of Allah onto the Prophets and Messengers, recording the deeds of each and every mankind and jinn, distributing sustenance to Allah's creations, taking out the soul at the time of death etc...

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What are the books revealed by Allah?

There are many Books of Allah, small and large, which were revealed to the prophets of Allah. The comprehensive books are known as kutub (its singular is kitaab) and the smaller ones are known as suhuf (singular: saheefah).

Four books are well-known. They are:

Tauraah (Old Testament) which was revealed to Moosa :as:
Zaboor (Psalms), revealed upon Dawood :as:
Injeel (New Testament) upon 'Eesaa :as:
Qur’aan, revealed to our Prophet Muhammad :saws:

The exact number of suhuf is not known. Some were given to Adam :as:, some to Sheeth :as: and some to Ibrahim :as:. There are many more suhuf which were revealed to other prophets.

Who are the Messengers of Allah?

Rusool (Messenger) Nabiy (Prophet) are Allah’s servants and human beings. Allah commissioned them to convey His commands to other human beings. They were truthful. They never told lies. They performed miracles by the order of Allah. They did not commit sins. They were infallible. They delivered Allah’s commands in all completeness. They neither added anything to His commands nor dropped any part of them, nor did they hide any part of them.

There is a small difference between a Nabiy and a Rasool. Every prophet is a nabiy. But a rasool is the prophet who was given a new sharee’ah (Divine Law) and a Book. A nabiy followed the sharee’ah that was given to the prophet before him. A nabiy is not given a new sharee’ah and new Book.

Adam :as: was the first of all prophets and Muhammad :saws: is the seal of all prophets, being the last and final messenger of Allah.

What is the Day of Judgement?

The Day of Judgment, or Qiyaamah, is the day when all creatures will die and the whole universe will be destroyed. Mountains will fly like flakes of cotton, stars will break down. Everything will be shattered and destroyed.

What is taqdeer (fate)?

In Allah’s knowledge, there is an estimate and appraisal for everything good and bad. Allah knew this about every creature before anything was created. This knowledge and the estimate of Allah is called taqdeer. Nothing, good or bad, is beyond Allah’s knowledge and estimate.

What is meant by life after death?

Everything will be destroyed on the last day but when the angel :as: will be asked to blow the trumpet for the second time, everything will come to life once again. Human beings will also come to life. All will assemble before Allah and an account of deeds will take place. The day on which this will be done is called Yau-mul-Hashr or the Day of Resurrection, Yau-mul-Jazaa and Yau-mid-Deen (Day of Recompense) or Yau-mul-Hisaab (Day of Reckoning).

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