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02-06-2017, 09:14 AM
A group of intelligentsia in Jews and Christian communities which has consecrated its mission to mislead the educated Muslim youth and corrupt the intellectual class of the Muslim societies is known as the group of orientalists. Also it's the source of inspiration of the progressive Muslims.

They study and research the Islamic scriptures, quranic exegesis, ahadith, history, fiqh and all other Islamic sciences. For their intellect, deep knowledge of eastern culture, traditions, rituals, religious scriptures and history these orientalist are regarded as respectable people.

They're dedicated to propagate the validity and superiority of their own religions by tainting the personality of our prophet s.a.w, finding faults in Quran, Ahadith, Fiqh and Islamic history in order to instill the doubts about Islam in the minds of Muslim youth and intellectual class.

They're paid the chunk of amount for this service, moreover, are provided all sorts of support in their mission.They're trained under anti Islamic aura which motivates them to undertake this onus.

Their modus operandi is always well chalked out. First, they select their aim upon which they're to work. And then, to achieve the required success they use all means and mean tricks encompassing interpolation in Islamic scriptures, distortion in facts and authentic narrations, use of fallacious reasoning, blending falsehood with truth, collecting all weak narrations and unauthenticated historical events to malign the image of pure treasure of Islamic knowledge.

On the whole, they create a fake structure of their research by sugarcoating it as the truth and present it before their readers, which entails hatred, misconceptions and degradation for Islam and Islamic personalities.

They take one issue at a time which they've to prove as the weak point of Islam. They do this job in this way that they select some positive points concerning the issue as well but they highlight the weak point so strongly that all the positive points diminish and the reader's mind remain focussing on the weak point only.

They add as much amount of venom against Islam in their articles as can be digested by a Muslim reader. If the reader is lacking in ken regarding the issue the article or book is written about can not be escaped from being affected.

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02-06-2017, 10:28 AM
If you ponder very often about Islam, you come to conclusions that you do not even NEED Qur'an and Ahadith to prove to you that Islam is the truth. The ONLY things that you need to know is, what is prohibited in Islam or promoted.
iblies his strategy will guide you automatically to the true religion. So even for us Muslims when we are not scholars or possess that much of a understanding about Islam, still iblies his strategy is a confirmation that Islam is the truth.

By pondering i have come to this conclusion. The current world is FILLED with certain concepts as "normal"and other concepts are being pushed so hard so that people adopt it as "normal".

These Jews and Christians also believe in a entity as "satan". As they both for example reject the concept of homosexuality.

The world is gone astray from religion as never before in the history of mankind. Every religious person can tell you that majority of the practices of the present day are according to satan's strategy. What you now do is very easy.

Look at every concept that is being adopted widely or being pushed to be adopted as normal and look at the religion that says EXACTLY the opposite. To give you some examples.

Homosexuality: Islam, Christianity and Judaism agree on this, that it is against the Creators way.
Women to wear less clothing: Islam, some sects within Christianity promote the picture of Maryam(ra) as how to cloth themselves, as well as some sects within Judaism, so they all agree to cover.
(These were some of the common ground, now lets see the more interesting grounds :) )
Alcohol: Alcohol is being widely praised to drink. You can't watch tv and you find commercials promoting alcohol. ONLY Islam says it is prohibited.
Interest: Interest is being widely promoted, Jews among each other is prohibited, but they charge others with it. If iblies knew it was halal, he would NOT promote this concept. While Islam prohibits this all together.
Pets (dogs): You see all over the world media promoting to have dogs as pets, while in Islam it is prohibited to have them in the house as pets, ONLY for certain purposes (hunt, Sheppard-dogs..). What i also sub'han'Allah saw, is that many western people of other faiths would brand you crazy if you went to the mosque for the morning prayer, yet you see people walking with their dogs at 05:00 AM ..and you call me crazy for going to the mosque doing something that is beneficial for me??
Staying up late: You see the concept of staying up late ..watching movies, while Islam says..go to sleep and wake up early. During weekends, when i went home from the isha prayer at the mosque on my bike, i saw people going the other direction going to disco..drinking..etc. The next day in the morning when i went to the mosque for fajr prayer i saw people heading home towards the other direct because of their late night out.
Consumerism: In the present day people buy and buy and buy..while Islam prohibits this unnecessary buying of stuff. Buy what you need and don't commit excess in things.

There are even MORE things that have caught my attention, but you can fill the list yourself. So let those Jews and Christians study as much as they can, as it will be witness against them on the Day of Judgement. Using logic, rationality and reason to look at iblies his strategy, their own religions are being branded as corrupt. So sub'han'Allah, his strategy is doing EXACTLY the opposite for the ones who truly ponder about stuff.

I find it even amusing and confirmation that i am on the right path. When i embraced Islam by choice in the past, suddenly i started to have lucid dreams of a shadow figure who wanted to scare me. In the lucid dream i couldn't move, as i was still dreaming, but i could see the room where i was sleeping and realized where i was in..as my brain was functioning like i was a wake. He just stood there looking at me. The first time i had this dream, i was scared, when i woke up i realized it was a jinn. I laughed, because i realized that i was on the right path. Later on he came to more often, but i just recited the Qur'an and tried to move and head towards him. That coward ran away each time.

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