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02-08-2017, 05:09 PM
How as a Volunteer to support to syrian childrens More than 1.9 million desperate people have fled the horrors of war-torn Syria. They've crossed over into other country with no friends to stay with and no resources. Right now, they're hungry, scared.

Childrens within Syria face grave threats to their life and the constant struggle for food, clean water and health care. So that you and your friends also support to syrian childrens.

Our mission is to reduce the suffering of our brothers and sisters because we are one Ummah and we feel the pain.

Four years later, an uprising-turned-civil war has forced about half the population out of the country or to other parts within it.

These childrens can't wait — they desperately need help now. If generous people like your help our relief efforts, then we can protect and provide for more girls and boys.
We need your help to provide Support to Syrian Childrens in the Syrian crisis with:
1. FRESH FOOD $50 a fresh food basket for a young family
2. NEW BABY KIT $100 a new baby kit, with blankets and diapers
3. Clothes & Shoes: $ 100 which also Needs
4. LEARNING $150 teacher tools to keep kids learning
5. PLAYING $200 games and toys so kids can be kids again
6. SHELTER $250 a household kit to keep a family safe and warm

SACH Organization is working to reach as many childrens as we can, wherever we are needed most, as quickly as possible. For too many children, time is simply running out.
Click Here for: <a href="http://www.sachpak.org/donation-ways/">Donate Now</a>

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02-08-2017, 05:13 PM
Please Donate Now: [B][URL="http://www.sachpak.org/donation-ways/"]Click Here[/URL][/B]

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