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View Full Version : Islam on Love

02-28-2017, 08:25 AM

Islam is the religion preaching the lesson of spreading love and happiness. Islam has lessons that a society can only grow on the way of prosperity if they have love within. Love is an integral part of Islam. Islam teaches the way of love irrespective of the boundaries of religion, cast, and color. Islam has taught its followers the adaptation of mutual love and understanding forever. There are numerous verses of Qur’an where Allah has stressed on mutual love for prosperity. Prophet Mohammad also stressed that for excelling in world and acquiring Jannah you must live in peace and have love for each other. In Islam the love is encompassing not only human beings but also animals and non-living things. For instance once Prophet Mohammad said that “This Ouhud, the mountain loves us, and we love it too”. The love in Islam is for everyone. For instance, love for Allah Almighty, love for Prophet Mohammad, and love for community.


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