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View Full Version : The Increasing Secularization of American Muslims

03-09-2017, 02:46 AM
I recently wrote an essay on my blog about the increasing secularization of American Muslims. https://agoodtree.net/2017/03/07/ame...m-drift-apart/ I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing and if you agree or disagree with my essay.

Here's an excerpt:

The American Muslim community has whole-heartedly embraced modern American grievance-based culture, and specifically the left-wing version, both as an expression of Islamic-civilizational-collapse syndrome and as a means of defending and advancing community interests. In embracing this mentality, the American Muslim community has quite consciously and willingly sacrificed Islam’s core role as the source of spiritual and societal order....

The Islam of the American Muslim community is morphing into a cultural identity whose defining components are not spiritual and moral substance but rather victimhood and resentment of the dominant culture’s “oppression.”


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