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03-10-2017, 10:04 PM
I have prepared a step by step guide on how to sign-up to blue-host. But first I like to talk about the packages they offer.
Starter Package:
This is the smallest and cheapest shared hosting package you can buy from Bluehost. This is indeed a good package which is a feature rich and cost only $3.29/month.
This package allows you to host one website, and this is one reason I recommend my readers to opt for Plus package, as they allow to host multiple websites.

Starter package offers 50Gb bandwidth/month that is more than enough for you to run your website on shared hosting. Starter package doesn’t come with Cloudflare CDN offered by Bluehost, but you can always directly signup for CloudFlare and integrate free CDN. This will help you to reduce the bandwidth of your hosting account by great extent. You should choose starter package only when you are planning to host only one website and have no plans for adding more sites in future. How to sign-up to Bluehost will be easy.

Plus package (Most popular one):
This is my favourite and most popular package on Bluehost. Pro package is feature rich and offers everything that starter package offers + up tp 10 website hosting + free marketing coupons worth $150+ free CDN. These marketing coupons are usually free AdWords Coupon, Facebook Ads Coupon that you can use to market your website. This package also comes with 1 free domain which will save extra money for you. Price for this package is $5.95/month. To learn how to sign-up to Bluehost on the bottom.

Business Pro package:
This package is targeted to businesses who are hosting their site on shared hosting and looking for extra features. This hosting package is recommended for those who need dedicated I.P and SSL certificate. Do remember SSL is not a search engine ranking factor and if you are running an E-commerce website you should have SSL certificate on your website (HTTPS). Along with free domain, you will also get free who.is guard which will hide your domain contact details to the world. You should watch below video to learn what Who.is guard is.

Conclusion: Which Bluehost Shared Hosting Package is best for you:

Here is my suggestion for you to quickly pick the right package for you.

  • Running only one site: Pick Starter Package
  • Running more than one site: Pick Plus package
  • Need SSL and dedicated I.P: Pick Business Pro package

If you are planning to buy the starter Bluehost package, I would recommend grab Plus package as price difference is minimal and in future if you want to host more than one website, you don’t have to spend money on web hosting.

Here is how to sign-up with Bluehost the blog is found on this link: http://www.ummah.com/forum/showthrea...BY-STEP-GUIDE!

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