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03-23-2017, 09:47 PM
In The Name of ALLAH,

This is brief understanding from Tafsir Ibn Katheer Rh on As Sabiqoon As Sabiqoon-Oolaikal”Muqarraboon” -with additional comments:

First view :

1.It’s the people from the other Prophets nations that are more in number than our Ummah.So,more from those people & few from our Ummah -That means Sahabas & early 3 generation’s. Because they were the best

“sullatum minal Awwwaleen ,Wa Qaleelum minal akhireen”
“Many from before & few from end times”

We know our Ummah is the last & in the end -1400 years to more few hundred years & Qiyamah is near.So,This is one view.


It refers to people like Aasiya,Maryam bin Imran,our Sahabas & early 3 generations amongst many of closest slaves to ALLAH in Highest ranks of JAnnah &few from the end times generations .Today we are a big Ummah but those who gets closer to ALLAH Ta’ala & do righteous deeds ,based on knowledge ,suffer trials of severity ,will be amongst JAnnahtul FIrdaws ,Aameen

Similar actions like Sahabas & people like Aasiya & Maryam Bint Imran are ,closest to ALLAH, love for ALLAH ,righteous deeds &then sufferings ,some to prisons & some trials upon trials ,striving for Deen despite hardships falling in them in different ways one upon another esp in end times etc So I believe such are Muqarraboon, closest to ALLAH, that includes martyrs of high rankings &women who strive for Deen,with love for ALLAH & suffer hardships of greatest sorts.

The hadeeth tells us :” The greatest reward comes with greatest Trial”

“When ALLAH loves a people, He tests them “

There’s so much similarity between Sahabas & some people of end times ,some have gone to battlefields& others in prisons facing tortures for Deen &others loving ALLAH,working for Deen,growing in guidance &hardships falling on them ……I believe that Scholars of Aqeedah Tawheed &Jihad who speaks the truth &face tortures by Pharoahs of today may be amongst the top people of end times.

The others,I have mentioned their virtues & whoever supercedes others in good deeds &first to do all good,&the actions like the above mentioned actions,Sadaqah ,respecting Signs of Islam &mannerism ,noble qualities etc …..Leads to higher ranks with Qur’an Tilawah as much as easy because of some people’s hardships &Jihad in end times &ALLAH did not reveal Qur’an that we are overburdened(Surah Taha)& other nawafils.

Third view :

The whole Ummah is in FIrdaws.

This view is contradictory to many Aayat& Ahadeeth &from Surah Waqiyah’ itself that there will be group of Sualiheen & Muqarraboon.

The hadeeth speaks about 100 Ranks of JAnnah prepared for Shuhada & the highest one has the best Shuhada who speaks word of truth,against tyrants & are killed ,they will be in Highest JAnnah -Al FIrdaws Al Aala.

And the women who loved ALLAH strongly & did righteous deeds& suffered worst upon worst trials & asked for FIrdaws with yearning for it,they would be in JAnnah ‘s Aala ranks .

This is sum of Ibn Katheer Rh Tafseer & my additional points related to our times.

Wal hamdulillah he Rabbil Aalameen!

May ALLAH Ta’ala please my beloved Bosnian,Moroccon,US,UK&other sisters who I met who I loved Fillah!


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