View Full Version : In search for a good and reliable hifdh teacher. Could use your help.

05-02-2017, 10:30 AM
Asalaam Alleikum,

I've had lots of trouble finding a reliable and dedicated hifdh teacher for my 10 year old. We've been trying for well over a year and the teachers just don't seem to be very dedicated. I'm very frustrated as paying for classes can get expensive and our progress is very VERY slow. I almost feel like people need extra cash so they offer to teach, but nothing really gets done. My child is also losing interest due to the quality of the teachers. We've tried 3 so far, including Studio Arabiya.

We've not been able to hire anyone in person as we are in transition and have moved 3 times this last year and we will be moving across the country once again (hopefully for good!) in a few months.

I'm open to recommendations, but please, if you suggest somebody, make sure it is somebody who loves what they do, is determined to help the other person actually memorize and there's no kids in the background or constant distractions. Imagine, in one year we've only managed to get Juz'Amma down, when my child has the capability of much more than that.

I'm VERY frustrated and feel like we're gonna lose the drive to continue sooner than later. :hmm: My husband is in between jobs and I have not established myself here yet, so it has been a huge effort to put together the income to pay for these things and we are not getting any fruit from it. I feel cheated to be honest.

I'm all ears if you have some guidance to offer!

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05-04-2017, 08:29 PM
Assalamu Alaikum,

How about trying several different online hifidh programs. Explain your problem to them (ie not being able to find someone reliable), and see if they are able to give you some free sessions to try out. Your other option is to find a large local masjid that may have hifidh classes, or even an islamic school as they usually have some type of hifidh program. Until then, you could have your child continue to memorize quran and have the tajweed corrected when you find someone reliable.

05-04-2017, 08:37 PM
Where are you moving to? Try and research Madressah's there.

I'm not sure how online classes work. I found it good to buddy up with a kid in my class and we used to do dowr and sabak supara etc all together. So I would suggest an actual class.

As you have said, I had a collection of teachers who were not too bothered, so it took me and my friend 6 years to complete it. It wasn't through our fault. It was more teachers joining, then leaving halfway through the year or after a few weeks, so we were passed from pillar to post. And we were quite naughty, we used to repeat the same dowr everyday because it was easier that way (high school and homework etc) and the revolving teachers never checked. So I would suggest a dedicated teacher who actually takes an interest and checks what the dowr is every day.

They now have 5 classes where I completed my Hifz. They have about 3 to 5 kids a year who complete the memorisation which is fantastic. The teachers tend to remain as well now and don't disappear after a week or two.

Good luck.

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