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06-24-2017, 10:58 AM
Soo I want to share what I feel iman is and then you guys can correct me because for the longest time I havnt really felt iman and I've realized maybe I just have the wrong defintion of what it is

Main Signs of iman that I look for

1. Shivering all over my body
2.depending on setting I will feel increase in temperature or decrease in temperature
4.feeling as if no matter what nothing can hurt me
5.praying as if allah is watching me (extreme cases)
6.a few tears (happened rarly)
7.love for allah
8.fearing allah
9.awe of allah
10.increase in sabr
11.increase in takwa

None of these signs have happened to me in the few months soo yea

Small signs of iman

1.increase in will power to do good deeds and sacrifice any sins I usually do
2.constantly talking to allah
3.better character such as to my family
4.pannicking over sins I did thinking allah will never forgive me and thinking that I'm a hypocrite and stuff
5.always following the sunnah when I can (this has decreased sooo much)
6.love for allahs creation and playing with allahs critters whenever I can
7.hopefull for jannah and feeling unintitled for jannah
8.decreased ego
9.no judgements and feeling as if everyone is a better person and Muslim then me
10.never angry
11. Always super happy

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