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06-29-2017, 12:35 PM
The Year 2268, may of 8. The atlantic coast of northwestern Africa, 4 kilometers outside the city of Rabat. The Caliphate.

We are currently at this “school”, but it is not a school in a traditional way, far from it. The education system is so different in so many ways. One, there is this deep and early cooperation between the school and the parents, the cooperation start as soon as the child is born, and many times even earlier, as soon as the mother gets pregnant. As parents come in contact with school during pregnancy, the cooperation and the guidance of the parents begins. Almost all of the students are born in the school own birthing center, yes you read it right: ‘birthing center’. The parents, the students and the teachers all reside at the school(or in close vicinity). As the family and the teachers live at the school, the deep cooperation(school-parents) comes almost natural. When the mother give birth she and her husband have already been given extensive preparation in order to enhance their child's fullest potential. There is no kindergarten or alike in the school, instead the child is reared at home with world-class mentors/teachers visiting home almost daily, in part to help to take care of the child and in part to observe and continue the guidance and teaching of the parents. Now you might ask how much would all this cost? It is completely free, even the rent. The parents could even apply for financial support from the school to stay home with the children. Yes the school have enormous financial muscles - all this to make sure that the daughters and sons of the Ummah receives the best possible education, in accordance to the Holy Prophet(s) commandments. And still there is more ways these schools differ from the traditional ones, many more, but let me give you another important one. This school doesn’t only develop the child in traditional school subjects such as math and language. This school focus on developing the child’s aptitude for numbers as much as developing the child’s empathy, it develops the child’s verbal skills as much as the child’s emotional and social skills. There is daily stimulation for the brain, but the school also provide stimulation for the soul. Spirituality is deeply imbued in the school.

This islamic school and hundred more like this one in Rabat, changed the world; especially for the muslims around the world. The first islamic school to truly honour the commandments of the Holy Prophet(s), were founded for more than two centuries ago, year 2058. But it could only open after tens of years of donors, investments and of course - research, plenty of research! As of today there is hundred of these schools and every single one of them have billions in their fund. It has changed the world on our Ummah in so many ways. Once the muslims were killing each other, now they were brothers united beyond their pitty differences. Once the muslims were being manipulated by superpowers like US and Russia, now the Ummah were the greatest superpower. Once being an atheist were seen like an intellectual choice, now being a muslim were a la mode. With the power of an educated people, the Ummah were able to defeat its enemies.

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