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08-14-2017, 11:48 AM
Do muslim women have to wear a hijab? As a recent covert to Islam, I wish only please Allah by getting rid of my old practices and following Islam.

But I noticed so many muslims who do not wear hijab. Why is that? I currently wear my hair in a tight bun and cover my body to my wrists and ankles. Will this suffice? What SHOULD muslimah women wear?

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sister herb
08-14-2017, 01:33 PM
Salam alaykum

Yes, covering yourself is obligatory but as newborn Muslim (I mean new one), you should change your habits and life with baby-steps. Don´t hurry. Don´t think that Islam force you to do this and that but you do it because you want to please Allah. To many new sisters it takes time before they are ready to use hijab and the first times when they use it, may feel odd.

I remember when I started to use it; I was sure that everyone will stare at me and so they did but after some months I forgot it and just sometimes I was wondering why those others are staring at me.

08-14-2017, 02:23 PM
Sister, PLEASE.. i ask you 1 thing to try to start as fast as possible when it comes to covering. That is not even the covering your head part. PLEASE..do NOT wear tight clothes. Try to as fast as possible change that habit if you have not done that yet. Remember, from your chest to your ankles. Again, wearing some tight pants but only covering your behind i am not talking about. But rather a lose pants TO the ANKLES and lose upper body clothes to hide your upper body.

You now a days see Muslim women have their head cover, have lose clothes (upper body) and tight pants, but ONLY covering their behind. While their legs you can see clearly a tight pants. The whole hijab thing, take your time to adapt to it, but your body with lose clothes, i am saying as a unmarried Muslim male. It is so hard for us. To see the body shapes to even the legs (tight clothing) our imagination is crazy as we already when seeing legs can imagine what body shape a woman has.

I have observed my thoughts and imagination. I have compared both women (hippy kind of women, compared to Muslim women with tight pants and hijab). The hippy type women, they have lose clothes but no headscarf sheytan doesn't bother me at all, as there is NOTHING to even see when seeing such women. However Muslim women with even clearly visible tight pants from her knees down sheytan's whispering begins.

So cover all of those things and take your time with adapting to wear hijab (headscarf).

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