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View Full Version : Arabic alphabet pronunciation

09-08-2017, 10:59 PM
The arabic alphabet pronunciation is one of the hardest languages to learn and is known as one of the Semitic languages and is one of the ancient languages that is in the same form that it was a thousand years ago. Another semitic language is Hebrew so when anyone says you're being anti-semitic that doesn't apply to Arabs because we are Semitic. So we can not be anti ourselves. The arabic alphabet pronunciation is one of the most classical and the letters look creative and unique and very attractive and artistic. That is why people write art with Arabic alphabet letters because it's so nice looking and attractive to the eye. Many Muslims want to learn how to properly pronounce the arabic alphabet pronunciation so they can read the Quran and the Hadith. The problem is that the courses available online are usually to expensive or the students is too cheap to buy a book and if he does in fact buy a book that is not an effective method to learn on your own because it is very difficult to learn any language by yourself through self taught methods, but you would need a good and effective instructor. Paying $200 for a course is not an effective option for most students and buying the book is not really an effective method to learn on your own, so that is why most students are looking for a more affordable option and that is why I am providing that option for students. Some students may ask is learning via pre-recorded video lessons the same as learning live the answer to that is yes if the course is designed in it Interactive form so the student participates and advance with their skills interactively as if the class is live in front of them. Some students may ask is learning using YouTube a effective method to learn the Arabic alphabet and the answer to that is no in most cases because you need to have a structured and organized learning method in order to advance in learning and YouTube videos are usually just a basic introduction of the language. There is no YouTuber is going to provide you the course for free just so they can earn the ad revenue with exception to me. Most YouTubers are lazy and want easy money, they will not take the time to teach a course and spend hours doing that, YouTubers only spends few minutes on a video not a hour like my class. Anyone who wants to study for free can now do so. You can study 20 video lessons to learn how to properly pronounce the Arabic alphabet pronunciation and on top of that I show you links where you can study one on one with a live teacher and the best part you can meet your meet teacher before you pay a cent. Now like I said that not in my own course but I have links in my videos where you can study online with one on one live teachers on Skype. So that's is also a option for people who want to learn. You can view a few of my videos here: http://www.ummah.com/forum/showthrea...n-and-Language

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