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View Full Version : Are IQ tests culturally biased? Also, what's your IQ?

10-04-2017, 10:22 PM
Are IQ tests culturally biased? Many leftists believe so. They believe racial and ethnic minorities are discrimminated against through the US of IQ tests because they score lower on IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests because on average groups such as africans, hispanics, as well as women, and others score lower than whites, jews, and east and southeast asians. this stems from the need by such disciplines as anthropology, sociology (especially, as this is a leftist discipline usually), and political science, which are typically dominated by leftist academia, to recognize equality among all peoples, and believe that basing IQ tests as measures of intelligence present women and ethnic minorities as less intelligent than others. many psychologists beg to differ, thus leading to the deabte.
personally, i believe iq tests are not culturally biased, but rather, (at least from the american perspective), it is a matter of socioeconomics, as many blacks typically have lower educational and income levels as a trickle down effect of a racist past, and hispanics also score lower, and also have similar educational and income levels, but due to political and regional factors, as well as economics.
one scholar from the american enterprise institute (i forget his name), a conservative think tank, even went so far as to say IQ is genetic, which scares many leftist academicians who consider it racist.
what do you think?
also, if you want take this test, and let us know your score....

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