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10-19-2017, 11:41 PM
Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
My name is Zulfat, I come from Thailand. Before I begin my board, I should like to tell you that my English is very terrible. But actually I need this board as assignment for my lecture. So hope you can understand ^^.
Let's begin our discussion, the topic was "Is Islam Peaceful? "
Yeah, exactly. This should be the boring topic that we always found.
Is Islamic religion peacfull? As we know some people said that Islam was come with sword and they force the people to embrace The Islam . Is that true? Okay, let's we look at history; Islam never force the people to embrace it. Our prophet Muhammad s.a.w calling the people with the kindness, he never force the people to become a Muslim. Even when Islam was became bigger and stronger, they never force by killing non-muslim people. In the war, Muslims ware forbidden to kill women and children. We can see when Islam want to attack Mecca , the Muslims even give the chance to the Musyrikin (non-muslim). Within 4 months, if they want to revenge, they can get gather their armies, if they want not, they can leave the Mecca. This is how Islam did. And how they can say that Islam has come with sword and forceness?. Maybe they need to learn more about history. In my opinion Islam is peaceful religion that we never met before. Islam it's mean peace, so how that peace religion couldn't be peaceful? Let's think about it. Thank you. Jazakumullahu Khairon.

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10-20-2017, 01:53 AM

Islam is like a mercedes Benz, and the drunken unlearnt driver (today's Muslims) spoil its name . islam came to India in 629 AD through the Sahaba Malik bin Dinar Radhiyallahu anhu, through the help of the local Kerala King

read post # 2 here
100 Miracles of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

but THIS IS NEVER MENTIONED but the anti islamistsand even Muslims believe Islam came through Muhammad Bin Qasim through invasion of Sindh (when the Indian ruler invited him to help him against another Hindu ruler) Even Islam to your region Malaysia, indonesia (3 rd biggest Islamic country) Islam entered peacefully by its right conduct and not war.

This how even Muslims ourselves are deluded portraying a Religion through sword which is never true. Though Islam allows jihad untill the DOJ but as a self defence and as premeptive strikes when the danger to Muslim is inevitable and Proved to be true.

watch this video by the Greatest Caliph of Islam through whom Allah gave a huge dominance which is ENOUGH proof how peaceful , fair and sweet Islam is .


and for more proofs kindly have a good read in post # 208 and its quote about Jizzya, in this thread

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