View Full Version : How will marriage work in Jannah?

11-15-2017, 11:55 PM
Like I keep hearing about Hoor al ayn and their beauty. It makes me wonder how marriage will be in paradise. Will they be living in different houses or how do they look like?

I just want want to know how the living arrangement are.

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Umm Malik
11-16-2017, 11:32 AM
in paradise there are things more than we can imagine
hur Alin are beautiful but they are less beauty than the woman of Dunya in paradise
because they are one of the reward in it for men but the woman of Dunya will be a queen In it and they will be beautiful compared to hur
the prophet tell us about one day in Janna when the men go to sukk which means a market
when they turn to them spouse they will day to one another that you get more beautiful than before in each jumuaah
also Allah tell us about parties in jannah like salsabil and so one
and also on jannah there is social life when you can visit your friends and remembering a days of Dunya
they also will remember them friend who chose to get astray and they will ask Allah to show him to them
and they will thank Allah for not being like him
and moreover that in Janna there no pain no suffering and no fearing
when we inter Janna we will get everything we want and more
but we have to do for it ...

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