View Full Version : What are the Tips Before You Leave for Umrah?

01-01-2018, 10:22 AM
In the busy life, people have no time for anyone that’s why I’m here, I hope you people help me. Recently and suddenly, my family was planning to perform Umrah in the coming year, 2018. None of them didn’t perform Umrah before and, therefore, they have no idea about tips before leaving for Umrah.

I also want to know How to Carry on The Spirit of Ramadan Throughout Year??? Because, we can perform good deeds just in the month of Ramzan but, I want to maintain that spirituality after Ramzan. But, my main concern is “what are the tips you leave for Umrah?” We also have done our homework about this question and find some stuff that I am sharing here,

Before Leaving, Do Homework for Umrah

I read that, just do homework, before leaving for Umrah. Explore the cheap flights, nearest hotels, good season, list of Holy Places of Makkah and Madinah. Read the full steps of performing the Umrah etc.

If you Choose Group Tour

Many of people are like to choose group tour and they make sure, the people they are traveling with them have decent and good in nature. If you want a long-term influence on your journey then having a good company is necessary.

Ihram’s Rules and Requirements Info

You must get an information how to wear Ihram, its rules, and requirements. It is necessary for everyone to perform correct and right Umrah.

Take Lotion or Vaseline

Your legs will chaff during wearing Ihram then it is necessary to take Vaseline or lotion. It will help you. These are some points that we read through online research. What you guys think that is it correct information??? Should we follow these points to perform comfortable Umrah??? Please, my brothers and sisters, help me. JazakAllah.

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