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Asad Iqbal
01-22-2018, 03:31 AM
Welcome to my post, the non Muslims commonly say to us comments regarding the marriage of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I have compiled a list of responses, please tell me what you think.

20 Point Clarification Regarding the Marriage of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to Honourable Aisha (May Allah Be Pleased With Her)
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  1. It was the societies culture 1500 years ago to marry people in their youth. This was because of a low life expectancy of 35 in the whole world in the year 500.
  2. We live until 85 in the Western world and the average age of marriage is 28. Our culture has more access to medicine and therefore keeps pushing the date further away.
  3. It is wrong to put the values of one culture onto every other culture or even another culture. A culture 1500 years in the future may look down upon our current lifestyle. The definition of adulthood changes over time.
  4. In many Non Muslim historical, religious and modern cultures, the age of marriage by law is less than the present tradition of 18.
  5. A marriage is an honourable and dignified institution. It is a contract where both spouses agree to provide for each other, take care of each other and build a family together.
  6. The marriage was done with the consent of both of the parents of Aisha.
  7. The female body from a biological perspective reaches puberty at age 9 so scientifically Aisha was ready for marriage by having the body of an adult.
  8. This accusation is used by the enemies of Islam to hurt the feelings of Muslims. They do not see this practice in their own cultures and think it to be wrong. The racists can only see hate and not reason.
  9. We do not know the wisdom of Allah. This was the order of Allah for the marriage to take place. We see the drop, God sees the ocean. WeIslam is a perfect religion.
  10. The Prophet PBUH did not come for world pleasures but instead came to warn us against them. This accusation on the spotless character of the Prophet is false because of the reports we receive from his honourable companions. They spent years around him observing and studying his behaviour, described him, witnessed, and gave first hand accounts that he would demonstrate shyness and morality.
  11. Islam is against child marriage as stated in the Quran and reaching puberty is a requirement for marriage. Aisha was not a child.
  12. Abu Bakr said that if a white wall was in front of me and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told me it was black, then I would say my eyes are lying. This should be our level of trust.
  13. This shining example by the most perfect man to ever walk the Earth is an example for eternity. It is our present culture that is wrong.
  14. The process of puberty goes from 9-15 and the chief factor is the weather. A 9 year old in Arabia is the same as a 15 year old in the cold countries.
  15. The definitions of sexual assault, physical harassment, marital rape, pervert, molestation and pedophilia don’t apply to this situation because this practice is globally accepted, once puberty hits you are not a child, Islamic law states that the rights of women include being granted safety from these, and all the wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were treated with kindness and dignity.
  16. Men got married at an older age because they had to be able to financially provide for their spouse and that is why there is a large age gap between the age of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his wife Aisha (RA).
  17. Today in America in 25 states people can be married at birth by the courts and parental consent. The rights of children are unprotected but Islam protected children 1500 years ago. The rest of America has the same culture as Islam.
  18. The contract for marriage can be drafted at any age as this is just an agreement on a piece of paper.
  19. It is common for young marriages to end in divorce and depression but this marriage lasted an entire lifetime and Aisha grew up to be a scholar and teacher.
  20. The parties involved in the marriage and the entire extended family were content with this marriage and did not find any fault in it.

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