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View Full Version : Sleep Paralysis, a bad dream or something else? Need urgent help.

03-31-2018, 10:47 PM
As-salam o Alikum everyone.

I need some help regarding my mother. I am from Thailand and I am visiting Phuket for a family vacation but I need some advice. Me and my mother were staying in a hotel for one day. Everything was okay until around 2:00 - 2:30 at night. A couple was arguing very loudly in the next room and we believe they were also hitting each other. It was very loud and very scary. We both got scared and didn’t get out of our room till after Fajar. My mother also prayed all 5 kaza namaz in that room.

So we check out of that hotel and go into a new hotel. They reserved a room for us down stairs but my mom wasn’t feeling comfortable in that room. So we went a floor up and they showed us two rooms. My mom wasn’t feeling comfortable in the second room either. She wanted to stay in a different room but the A/C wasn’t working in the other room so we had to stay in the different room in which my mom wasn’t feeling comfortable in. So we check in and get settled in and my mom went to sleep. I was laying right next to my mom. I was about to fall asleep when my mom started muffled screaming. I shook her and woke her up quickly. I was laughing because I thought she had a bad dream about me dying. But I saw her face and she looked scared. She told me to recite doorudh. I asked her what happened and she then explained that she had a weird sensation. She explains that she heard a man and woman being intimate with each other and then she felt a very hard pressure on her entire body. She said that she was trying to scream loudly but her screams were coming out very slow and quiet. She was laying on her stomach. Her back was facing the ceiling. So we were scared and we quickly asked for a room change. We got shifted in a different room. Everything was fine. We recited duroodh, ayaat ul kursi and every dua we remembered. She blew Qul in each corner of the room, just to be on the safe side. We also heard 3 prayers in this room and we also recited quran in this room. But an hour ago I was laying next to my mom and I heard her scream again. I woke her up again but this time she didn’t feel any pressure on her body and/or have any weird feelings.

What could be the problem? Please do help. I’m very worried about my mom. Is this something serious or is she just having bad dreams from the couple fighting experience. Please help a sister out.

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03-31-2018, 11:58 PM
Hope this helps:


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