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View Full Version : is Nutritional Yeast Halal?

05-21-2018, 04:21 AM
Dear brothers and sisters,


I am currently registering my product (Healthy snack consist of Nutritional Yeast) for Halal License. I have had the Kosher certificate from the nutritional yeast's manufacturer but it got rejected by my government.
Would it be another way to get the Halal Statement for this? Have anyone had an experience about this before?

Thank You very much for all your input

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05-21-2018, 01:53 PM
This is not an answer to your q, but whilst u wait for an answer i'll ask in case you have the will to answer.

I experimented quite a bit with yeast, (my past makes it less daunting).
I am wondering if yeast (a very active bacteria that multiplies fast and ferments at body temp) is really nutritious or whether it's just taking the sugar and oxygen out of the gut and blood and other organs and converting it into useless stuff. I definitely felt drained of energy after drinking a cup of the stuff mixed with warm water and after having left it to multiply for a few minutes - and the co2 was bubbling away in the tummy and causing little burps every few seconds. The breath definitely reminded me of budweiser.
What do you find nutritious about this type of bacteria? And don't you think it can permenantly change the immune system if regularly consumed?

Yeast's similarity in some ways to tardigrades what make me wonder if all yeast dies from heat - since i noticed very small and slowly forming fermentation bubbles even after heating at high temp.
Fascinating experiment i ran for about a week, i could've sat there all day staring at the process if i could.

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