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07-27-2018, 07:45 PM
As Salaam Alaykom Brothers, Sisters,

Both world secular culture and many traditional cultures practice the Magic of Babel. After the Prophet many cultures continued these practices. Classical Muslim scholars speak of being initiated into the higher sciences( esoteric schools, gnosis, metaphysics secrete societies). Ibn Battuta talks about meeting Muslims in his travels across the world that followed ways of life and faith not commanded in Islam. Most of the world before colonialism began to openly practice (secrete school and initiation). And colonialism and the nations state created a more organized practice of secrete culture and secular culture across the world.

Talking about the not being able to get married, marriage problems, employment problems, safety problems, spiritual corruption and acting as if the world is in general social change is a lie. It is a crisis that is corrupting faith and intentionally trying to corrupt all people by demanding ways of living, sexual and cultural practices haram in Islam. The Problem of Marriage in the modern world include culturally expected social policy of nations and traditional culture. Muslims have submitted themselves to the the unjust ideas and choose to sacrifice true faith and their Childrens faith and personal development-including marriage, for comfort and safety from social policy, and their traditional culture.The problem is the problem is getting worse the the ruling nations are gaining more power, taking control of resources around the world and in nation. Including work, food supply, water and other.

Many nations have been beaten down and now function like undeveloped preindustrial nations and others were never allowed to develop.The Muslims Ummah is lieing. They are lieing about practicing Islam. Muslims follow their traditions and cultures and submit to the demands of secular culture. That is why Muslims are struggling. The revival of Islam with revaluation several decades ago, challenged cultural practices of the magic of babel and the corruption. And challenged/ slowed down the secrete cultures and open social corruption in Muslims communities. Social corruption and secrete society cultures that compromise Islam and work with the oppressive powers. The Global war on Muslims and Islam was to reverse/stop any progress and destroy any opportunity for Muslims working together. It is a crisis and is designed to destroy faith. And development in the Muslims world. And prevent a next generation of fully developed Muslims with strong and sincere faith in Islam.

In Place of Islam, Muslims communities practice mystery religion/secrete traditions, follow beliefs and practices not commanded in Islam. Creating false ideas of religion and false ideas about god. And in place of development/progress, class and cast systems; in the systems, some people get and others are denied. And people live in fear that if they challenge the system they will be put with the suffering people. The Quran curses the Munafiqueen people that put on a image of Islam but are not truly with Islam. Most Muslims never see it in the Image of self. But people are afraid. Afraid of suffering a bad life or being harmed and are willing to sell their family, community members and other people out. This is like the time of the antichrits/Dajjal, Gog and Magog and other event.

But this is not new or surprising. The Quran is different from hadith because, all Allah says is true(relevant) at all times. Muslims and believers in all times struggle with the event they say are in the future. Reading the Quran, Muslims know they are a Ummah, a people/nation/community with Muslims of all races/ethnic groups/people, and all sect.The Quran is clear about what is happening in the world. Muslims have ignored it because family, community and society has trained people to be ashamed of faith. The Quran is true and perfect, people are inperfect. People can live good and see the truth with patience, moderation, true following of Islam. And not accepting the shaytonic mind. Mind control in secular society, traditional community and secrete group. All three practice the magic of babel.

-- Muslims will always be be safe, live good and have victory if they believe in Allah, do not compromise their faith, only follow Islam, clear in the Qur'an.
The example is the Prophets community. Different ethnic group lived in villages/tribes of their people and in mixed groups. One community of Muslims. Muslims of all sects and ethnic groups need to share community.

Muslims that want to live as Muslims can defend themselves from culture, social expectation in societies, and social policy.Please read the Masjid Community Plan - in the general discussion forum.

Please visit the instant messenger for the Masjid Community Plan.


Readers that takes this writing and harm people or use any forum to harm, false guide or control people are committing a crime and great sin. Do not follow the demands of mystery religion/culture, the secrete societies, secrete traditional culture. Most practice the magic of Babel. Islam is very clear.
-- Islam, tell Muslims not to practice magic, the magic of Babel, false culture practices of their ancestors, to fear Allah, to not fear the creation of Allah(people, threats, harm, other).

Muslims will always be able to have safety, live good and have victory if they believe in Allah, do not compromise their faith, only follow Islam, clear in the Qur'an.

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