View Full Version : Luring and raping a girl, Iranian-backed militias committed new crime in Homs distric

08-04-2018, 05:04 AM
Luring and raping a girl, Iranian-backed militias committed new crime in Homs districts


The city of Homs, under the control of the Syrian regime a few days ago has seen a crime of "rape" of a new girl from the neighborhood of "Karm al-Zaytoun".

According to media sources, a "prostitution network" operates in the neighborhood of Karam al-Zaytoun, where the "Shiite" militias have been large deployment, has lured the girl "R.H." on the pretext of providing assistance and shelter; but she was forcibly raped and filmed with a video to blackmail her and force her to work with them.
The sources explained that the members of the network are "S.M." and "N.A." have come to the neighborhood and rented a house for the acts of dishonesty, as well as the abduction of girls and forced to do "prostitution" under threat.
Hundreds of members of the local and foreign "Shiite" militias of the regime have taken over the homes of the inhabitants of Homs, who had forcibly been displaced and began to open offices for (Mut'a) marriages.

The Syrian regime areas frequently - seen especially in Damascus and Aleppo - murder, rape and looting carried out by pro-Syrian regime or "national defense - groups of Shabiha."

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