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View Full Version : A great duty

09-06-2018, 11:34 AM
It is our great duty to be responsible in bringing people to Islam in a non-forcible way. In a way that is enticing, and is humane. Let us not scare the Christians. Too much has been done. They feel real fear when they think of a bomb. It's not a joke. You can feel that too. I grew up in a region where Christians are more than Muslims. I have Christian friends, and my mom was a convert from Christianity to Islam. I sympathize with them. Of course, I also love my Muslim brothers and sisters. Let us not live a life in which we have this victim-mentality, considering ourselves forever as victims. Kinda research about that when you have time. How to defeat the victim mentality. You are a hero. You can transform yourself. May Allah(swt) bless us all. I know it's hard. We have Allah(swt). We are blessed. Imagine being brought out to this world without knowing who is Allah, and living a long portion of your life conditioned that Jesus is God. That is so hard for them. I thank God that my mom thought different and found Islam. I know it was hard for her. Ya Allah. May you forgive us all. Insha'Allah. We are blessed to know Islam much faster and much easier than them, so we must remain humble.

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