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View Full Version : Survey about developing a masjid locator with salah timing app

09-11-2018, 12:32 PM
Al-Salam Alaykum,

Performing salah with jamat is important for many Muslims. While travelling they would like to know the jamat timings of masajid on the go or any masjid that is near to their location. Absence of this information may lead to missing the jamat and they may have to search for another masjid where the jamat salah has not been performed as yet.
Knowing the jamat timing of a specific masjid prior to physically reaching there will be more valuable and helps in finding the masjid where the jamat hasn’t taken place as yet without missing the jamat salah. So I had an idea to develop anapp that primarily focuses on providing the masjid location and its up-to-date jamat timing for all the five salahs as well as Jum’ah salah.

The scenario would be, a user after downloading the app, he can search for nearby masajid or a specific masjid, after selecting it, he can view the salah timings as numbers and as a picture (the clock picture) taken from that masjid. He can then get directions to it with the estimated time to reach.

Now keeping the salah timing up-to-date is dependent on the app users where they can capture and upload the picture of the masjid clock that shows the 5 salahs timings. This way, they will participate in providing authentic salah timing to their brothers in Islam and eventually will be rewarded by Allah for this good deed.

I want to know if you would like to use such app and find it necessary to be in your list of apps in your phone, and would you be willing to participate in updating a salah timing for a mosque?
I'm open to any suggestion or advice to be provided...

Please remember that your opinion matters even if it is a small suggestion. You are helping in providing a facility that can serve our Muslim community.
Thank you!

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