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View Full Version : VERY interesting thing my mom said about Islamic prayers

10-11-2018, 09:30 PM
So I'm currently learning how to pray fajir, and so I'm of course learning the Arabic prayer phrases, ect. I decided to recite what I've learned to my Mother, and she looked very shocked. At first I thought she was just thinking I was crazy, but then she told me something shocking. She grew up in the "church of god of prophecy" - a VERY strict, hardcore, cult like church (at least that's how it was when she grew up in it). Anyways, one thing people in that church do is what's called "speaking in tongues". It's pretty much where they have this illusion that they're controlled by "the holy spirit", and start just spouting out gibberish nonsense with their mouth. She told me that the phrases I recited sounded EXACTLY how those people sounded when they spoke in tongues.. I was just thinking.. What if they were actually reciting the Quran, or praying in arabic and just didn't know it? LOL!!!!

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10-11-2018, 10:40 PM
Glossolalia is not Arabic. Your dear mother, God bless her, is most likely unilingual and therefore can’t tell the difference between the two.

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