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11-01-2018, 06:36 PM

Would this mean that you would be rewarded for the action if you have a good intention? Or would some deeds have no reward or punishment even if there was a good intention. Such as mubah acts.

Jazzakallahu Khair

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11-01-2018, 06:47 PM

Good intentions alone one earns rewards. Insha Allah.

Good intentions with good actions equals rewards insha Allah.

Bad intentions through the mercy of Allah swt has no consequences.

Bad intentions with bad actions is written down and the individual will be questioned. Allah swt knows best.

Be aware intentions change every time so we are warned to constantly check our intentions. Shaytaan is clever and experienced. For example i might start off with a good intention i.e. I will buy apples for a homeless person. So i go out and buy the apples. Along the way i meet a friend who asks who are these apples for? I reply back saying i intend to distribute to the homeless and then pride enters my heart and i feel all pious. So now the intention has been mixed with pride. One may not be rewarded as now the act is a show and for the people. Always check your intentions.

May Allah swt help us all and protect us Ameen.


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