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01-03-2019, 09:55 PM

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Elections Ontario grants “Islamic Party of Ontario” first step towards registration
Ali Taghva by Ali Taghva January 2, 2019in Canadian News, Ontario News, Politics
Elections Ontario grants “Islamic Party of Ontario” first step towards registration

Canada has joined Belgium and Sweden in the list of Western countries with Islamic political parties.

The Islamic Party of Ontario has officially reserved its name with Elections Ontario as of October 2018.

The party claims that because the Constitution recognizes the “supremacy of God”, that all laws in Canada must be in accordance with the Islamic faith.

While the party has reserved its name, it has not completed registration, an important step in becoming an actual party in Ontario.

In order to reserve a party name pending registration, it must follow Elections Ontario guidelines, which include prohibitions: on the word “independent”, names that are deemed too similar to another party or entity, names that are abusive or offensive, and names being reserved by someone who already has another party name reserved.

This is a very low standard, and reserved party names will expire if they fail to become a registered party. While Elections Ontario may decline a party name at their discretion, they could be taken to court for inappropriately refusing an application.

Political parties in Ontario must be fully registered with Elections Ontario. There is no fee to register a political party. Successful registration is required in order to receive donations and issue tax receipts, run candidates in elections, and be eligible to be reimbursed for campaign expenses.

Constitution based on Islamic teachings
According to the party’s website, their constitution and principles are based solely on Islamic teachings and puzzlingly claims Islam to be the native religion of Canada.

While the Islamic community has long had an influence in the Ontario political scene, the formation of their own political party marks a distinct moment for Islamic political history in Ontario.

Islamic Party of Ontario endorses controversial internal PC resolution seeking to remove gender identity theory
On their blog, one of the party’s posts endorsed an internal PC Party Policy resolution. The controversial resolution, R4, which seeks to “remove the teaching and promotion of ‘gender identity theory’ from Ontario schools and its curriculum.”

In another post, the party reiterates its position on gender identity and transgenderism, opposing allowing transgender to use the washrooms they identify with and arguing against gender identity calling it “liberal fascism”.

” It is now that LGBT people and only LGBT people have the right to express their non-biological gender –not the straight people. We, who are born with biological gender with the ID of male and female, have no right now to express our God-given gender,” reads a statement by Jawad Anwar, the party’s leader.

“We thank and highly appreciate the effort of Tanya Granic Allen for her enormous effort for putting the resolution on the table,” reads a statement by the party.

Islamic Party of Ontario policies
Despite the party still being in the very early stages of its development, they interestingly already have a lengthy list of policies and principles outlined.

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