View Full Version : What are the things you wished to have in Paradise?

Nitro Zeus
01-06-2019, 10:26 PM
I had this question in mind for very long time, and if for example I will go to Heaven for eternity, then what are things I could wish to have in Heaven if I'm out of ideas?

In present time, I have a list of which I desired to have in Hereafter:

1) Permission from God to chose anyone doesnt matter what type of faiths are. Because, I want to chose my Christian mother, my Christian grandfather, sister, grandmother and so on and then my Muslim father and so on(I mean, I only want to have His Leave to take all my family from different times in Heaven with me). Because, I wish for my grandfather to meet his Christian family too and so on in Heaven.

2) Chronokinesis(ability to control time) and Electrokinesis(ability to master electricity).

3) A book filled with questions I asked God and the answers revealed by God. So that when I open the book, I can see the questions I asked and the answers too, for the days I have asked God some questions and I havent recieved any answer(I think).

4) To have the same dog as I have the actual one Yorkshire toy in Heaven, Macow parrot, African grey parrot and Alexander the great parrot as my pets.

5) A wonderful and splendid night that has a beauty which does not compare with the night in worldly life. Because, I enjoy sleeping at night and in the same time to look how beautiful is at night.

6) And also To enable Telekinesis to control liquid too. Because, I wished I can have fun with Telekinesis in Heaven by spitting water in half or making square in water and do other things similar to what Moses did at Red Sea. Because, I dreamt by seeing me each time I make bath that I split water in bathtube in half(only in my mind) and I wish I can have this power as a reward in Heaven.

And I guess thats ir for now. Is it halal for me to ask God To grant me these wishes when I reach on Judgment Day and also in Heaven?

What do you wishes to have when you get in Paradise?

What are the things that it will be lifted from us when we reach Heaven?

Will the Islamic legislations and obligations be lifted from us when we reach Heaven?

What can you do when you reach Heaven and stay there forever and ever?

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