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01-09-2019, 02:05 AM

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01-09-2019, 02:16 AM
:jz: for sharing this informative and interesting article.

01-09-2019, 08:05 AM
THANK YOU!!!! That is pretty much what I have been saying. The reason why I am saying "men and women are not equal" not because in Islam women are less than a man..NO! The problem with today's western world and laws and feminism is when we say Equality we say that man and woman are identical.."the man is like the female" or "the female is like the male" hence I keep shouting we are not equal in that regard...we are different! Our brains are different. Our memories are different. Our interests are different. The way we talk are different. The way we express ourselves are different. Our physical body is different. Our reproductive system are different. Our immune system are different. Boys have Y chromosome, girls don't have Y chromosome. Boys grow beard. Girls don't grow beard. We are not the same and equal in that regard....we can't be. We are different fruits...but that article that talks about equality and then talks about gender difference in the way Allah (SWT) tells us...I AGREE 100% AND BELIEVE 100% FINALLY...finally...finally this could get in rest and the genders CAN FINALLY play their role in harmony...can finally unite together as one team..work together as one team...hold hand together and become a strong unit force instead of an enemy of each other. We as men and women need to work together. A man will work to fight for his womenfolk in return the womenfolk with fight for her menfolk. if a Muslim man sees a woman/girl been oppressed he will stop that at all cost and if a woman sees a man/boy oppressed she will sop that at all cost. His way of stopping oppression is DIFFERENT than her ways of stopping oppression. With her mouth and communication skills she can achieve just as a man could achieve with is special skills which are different than a woman's skills...doesn't mean one is better than the other...it means each look at the world in different way and solve it differently. Does it mean one can live without the other gender...NO...it doesn't. We need the other's gender's point of view of seeing the world....having a world exclusive of female is equally a disaster as having a world exclusive of male...reason been is we are complex human being...we are not bees....

A programmed droid that have one function to produce honey and that is about it. That is what bees are. That is why in the bee's community it is 100% female that run everything...the male bees are executed and die ones their function is completed and it is a community of work bees (100% female) and one queen been and it works. Reason why it works...because bees are droids. A biologically programmed droids. They can only done thing...build a colony, build a hive, breed, generate honey. They don't invent things, they don't form a family..they don't go through 9 month pregnancy...they don't have children that need BOTH THE MALE AND THE FEMALE to raise them to full 100% functional adult..hence males and females are EQUALLY important and essential to the survival species. So as Muslims let us show the rest of the world how men and women REALLY interact...how husband and wife REALLY INTERACT......

show the world that Muslim fathers DO BETTER JOB IN RAISING their children than non-Muslim fathers..simply because they follow the prophet peace be upon him's footstep....IF MUSLIM FATHERS just FOLLOW 100% THE FOOTSTEPS of the prophet peace be upon him in how to treat his wives and how to be a father to their children THEY WILL BE SUPERIOR AND DOMINATE OVER ALLLLLLLLLLLL non-Muslim fathers ON PLANET EARTH!!! All of it!! They be superior over ALLLLLL non-Muslim men out there when it becomes to husbands. AAAH EQUALLY opportunity for the sisters too. If the sisters mimic the best women in the world at the time of the prophet, khadija (radiyalaAllaho hanaa) and the mother's of the mumeeneen at the time of the prophets and TOKE HER ROLE seriously and toke THE HUSBAND'S rights seriously and TOKE Allah's (SWT) law seriously and followed the footsteps of the prophet in how a woman should act and behave...SHE WILL BE SUPERIOR OVER ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the non-Muslim women out there...regardless of how intelligent those non-Muslim women are. Regardless of their PhD, and doctors and they have found cure of billion diseases....and that Muslim woman is illiterate and don't know how to read...she will still be superior over the non-Muslim women. That link is perfect! I am going to print it and teach it for the future boys who I am teaching Qura'an in the Musllah. Throw feminism and gayism and liberalism to the garbage. It is time we return back to the Qura'an and Sunnah. it is time we return back to the proper Islam....AND BRING FAMILY BACK! BRING FATHERHOOD BACK! BRING WIFE AND HUSBAND BACK...BRING HARMONY BACK! If a man is destroyed and woman won...she failed..she didn't win....she lost and if a woman is destroyed and a man is won...he failed.....he didn't win. The failure of either gender is the failure of us all. We should work as one unit...one pain in one part of the body...the rest of the body screams in pain!

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