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02-13-2019, 02:47 PM

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My brother, you are free behind these gates.

My brother, you are free within these chains.For if upon Allah you do rely,Then what harm can the plotting of his servents bring?

My brother, the armies of darkness will be extinguishedAnd a new dawn will shine in the universeso then ignite your soul with it’s raysSee the dawn consume us from afar

My brother, blood has flowed from your handsThey refused to be tied with the chains of the slaveYou will raise them with your many sacrifices to the skyStained with the blood of immortality

My brother, it appears you have given up the fightand casted away your weapon from your shouldersSo then who will be there to defend the woundedand raise up the flag once againMy brother, verily this day I am strong in my resolveI could dig through the root of the unmovable mountains

Tomorrow I will chop with my axe and finishthe heads of the snakes until they are vanquishedI will revenge, but my revenge will be for a Lord and a religionAnd I will proceed along my path with certainty

Either to victory over the worldOr to Allah, among the eternal inhabitantsMy brother, verily I did not tire of the fightAnd I did not cast off my weaponsSo if I die, I have become a martyrand you shall continue to a glorious victoryAnd I am confident in my pathTo Allah the Lord of Sublimity and Radiance

If the vulgars loathed me or they are ungrateful to meThen I am steadfast towards to my solid promise

My brother, proceed onwards and do not turn backYour route has been beautified by your sacrifice

And do not turn your gaze to here or to thereAnd not turn to anything except to the skiesWe are not birds whose wings are brokenWe shall not be humiliated and we shall not be violated

And I hear the Voice of BloodCalling powerfully: fight, fightMy brother, if you shed a tear for meand moisten my grave with sinceritythen kindle a light from my remainsand tread a path towards a glorious victory

My brother, if we die we will meet our beloved onesFor our Lord's gardens have been prepared for usand its birds will be fluttering around usBlessed we will be in our eternal home

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02-13-2019, 04:23 PM

:jz: for sharing

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