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02-14-2019, 09:56 PM
Asa, my name is Ahmed and I am from Canada. As a little introduction I started new website 2 months ago where I research and write articles on Islamic topics (duas, quotes from scholars, sharing islamic teachings I get from some books). I did this as a fun project to learn more about Islam and hopefully it could be form of sadaqah jariyah. Kind of how this forum is for everyone who comments and engages with each other. I am excited to be accepted into this group, I've always referred to it by reading comments but never really engaged.

One of my favorite pieces I have written was on the 99 names of allah, I've written complete guide that's over 20,000 words long, it would mean a lot to anyone who would check it out and give some feedback. Currently site is in its infancy phase so I only get few visitors every day. Here's the link www.myislam.org/99-names-of-allah

Once again, thrilled to be part of this community and looking forward to learning from each other.

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02-14-2019, 11:34 PM

Welcome to the forum brother, hope you have an enjoyable and beneficial stay.

Nice website, I've subscribed to it. Keep it up

02-15-2019, 01:33 AM
:salam: bro

Welcome to islamicboard. Feel free to share your knowledge of deen on the board

02-15-2019, 10:50 AM
welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your time with us.

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