View Full Version : Assalamualaikum. Am new to this website. I lost my beloved pet Tofi

02-24-2019, 10:57 AM
Assalamualaikum. Am new here. Saw a post related to loss of pet here by sumone.. while I was googling to know about where my lost pet would go.
Yesterday in the Fajr wen I woke up, I saw my most beloved pet whom I treated as my own kid.. lying in her last breaths... And after an hour it died. Since ystd.. am devastated. She was a really innocent faced Persian cat and I named her tofi. I buried her with my own hands. She seemed dull since a week.. it is been two weeks I got her and Toby ( male Persian kitten) together. Since I don't have much knowledge about them.. I couldn't catch her illness ( if she had any) . I cleaned her tail part to clean the poop but she remained dull for one entire day not eating anything. My heart came into my mouth and I prayed her to Allah to give her health. She turned normal..but she was not as active as Toby. But I was only happy that she was eating and also a bit playful. She was comparitively less weight than Toby. Wen I gave medicine she vomited twice so I was afraid to take her to the veterinary.
I thought I will never let water touch her again thinking that cleaning with water made her sick. But the night before she died I cleaned her back again because she was stinking. But I dried it off to 80%. I even combed and she was fine .
I feel it was because of my negligence that she died. That knowing she fell sick last time and I said to Allah I will keep her nicely I still negligently gave her bath in the evening time wen there was no sun.
She trusted me.. she use to come sleep beside me.. though she was shy and hesitant. And I only killed her in return of her trust on me.
I wish I took her to the hospital wen I saw her weak, 3/4th opened eyes wen she use to wake from sleep.. ( wen Toby use to be active with eyes wide open) she would have got treated to her illness and would have survived.
Am so broken . Am not praying since ystd. I jus want my Tofi back. I wish I treated her more better. :'( :'( :'(
Permanent and irreversible loss and damage to my heart and life.
Jus pray Toby to be healthy and fine. And that I should reunite with my Tofi in Jannah. And that tofi should be happy if she is with Allah now or wherever. Ameen.
I lost my baby :'(

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02-24-2019, 11:56 AM
:wa: :welcome: to islamicboard. Sad to know of your cat. Time will heal this wound.

02-24-2019, 06:00 PM
Walaykum assalam,

Reminds me when my pigeon was killed by a cat. I was in class 4 then, cried for quite a while.

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