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05-12-2019, 11:23 AM
shiya Ko Kaafir Kyu Kehte hai..???

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05-12-2019, 03:20 PM
Dunya che hazaar saal puraana kyu kehta hai?
Musalmaanoo ko deshat gard kyu kehta hai?
Electricity ko jaadoo kyu kehta hai?
Nabiyoo aur secular ameeroon ko Allah :swt: ki saat shirk kyu karta hai?
Aasmaan ko laal kyu kehta hai?
Plastic toothbrush ko bidaat kyu kehta hai?
Sufee waloo ko kyu bidaat waloo kyu kehta hai?
Mu'awiyah aur yazeed ko kaafir kyu kehta hai?
Hasan aur Hussain ko riddat waloo kyu kehta hai?
Aap ko fitnah fasaad waalaa aadmi kyu kehtaa hai?

Complicated innit?

Maybe it's the opinion of some - based on their interactions and the time and effort they spent studying certain angles of disputes.

Some people see it as a not too big divide when putting things on a global perspective - and hope the ages old fitnah caused by shaytuaan will be healed soon - the easiest method being a council of leaders getting together and agreeing on common objectives for Allah's sake.
I definitely sure don't want to be spending my time shedding blood on the issue.

On a positive note:


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