View Full Version : Gems Dates of the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan 2019

Hamza Asadullah
05-24-2019, 03:07 PM
We are so blessed to have made it to the best nights of the year in which there is a night so powerful that it is: "better than a 1000 months” [Qur'an; 97:3]

Which is equivalent to 30,000 nights - Over 83 YEARS OF WORSHIP!

To gain these huge rewards we only need to worship on all 10 nights to be sure to catch this special night, if not then at least on the last 5 odd numbered nights:

21st Night - Saturday 25th May *(tomorrow night)* - From Maghrib to Fajr

23rd Night - Monday 27th May - From Maghrib to Fajr

25th Night - Wednesday 29th May - From Maghrib to Fajr

*27th Night* - Friday 31st May - From Maghrib to Fajr

29th Night - Sunday 2nd June - From Maghrib to Fajr

*Laylatul Qadr Worship Plan* - Maximise these blessed nights with this productive Worship Plan:


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