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07-14-2019, 01:47 AM
Shaykh Mohammed Aslam memorised the Quran from an early age, after which he embarked on a path of seeking sacred knowledge. He ultimately travelled to Damascus where he undertook extensive private studies as well as enrolling in the Mahad al-Fath al-Islami seminary from where he graduated after six years of full time study. On returning to the U.K, he enrolled in Post-graduate studies at the same time as serving as Imam Khatib of one of the largest mosques in Birmingham.

Shaykh Aslam established The City of Knowledge Academy which serves as a bustling hub of educational activity as well as also advising various community and grassroots projects around the city.The Academy places particular emphasis on catering for the educational activities of all age groups, facilitating engaging youth programs as well as running the more structured course iSyllabus Islamic studies course.

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