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09-27-2019, 06:16 AM

Some have the ability to wake up in the middle of the night for *Tahajjud Salaat* daily, but others can not wake up despite much effort. However, they fast on *Mondays and Thursdays* throughout the year.

Others cannot do both of the above, but wherever they walk, they give *generously to beggars.*

Some don't have the strength to carry out extra ibaadah, but keep a *clean heart and a smiling face* towards people all the time. Others do nothing but just make kids laugh whenever they meet them.

The point? Don't ever think that those who don't do what you do are inferior in any way or have nothing to offer. *Never think that your acts of Ibaadah are better than others*. Never let your piety develop subtle pride in you. Never let your piety isolate yourself from family and friends, never let it make you *above the law and "holier than thou. "*

Your ancestry, wealth, scholarly abilities, colour of your skin, strength on the battlefield are *not criteria for your piety. There are many in Africa, Europe, Asia, China and the rest of the world who might be closer to Allah than you due to the simple fact that they can bear hardship and overcome trials better than you*.

Your appearance and dressing is not a criteria for piety. There are many in the world who are close to Allah despite them seeming ordinary.

Your affiliation to a Jamaat, any scholarly institute, should be a means of annihilating your ego and pride, not looking down on others. There are many who's hearts are pure despite not being affiliated to any of the above. *These are not automatic passports into Jannat.*

A prostitute earned the favor of Jannah just by quenching the thirst of a dog, and another earned it by just forgiving everyone daily before going to bed. *They had nothing much to show, but what they did, mattered to Allah.*

Someone may walk through the gates of Jannah with very little, regardless of how unimportant people considered him to be on earth, while others with far greater deeds perish because of their arrogance and pride. *Don't be surprised if that person leads you in walking through the gates of Jannat.*


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07-13-2020, 10:03 AM
Reminds me of a saying

Kullu maarufun sadaqa

Every good deed is sadaqah

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