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10-03-2019, 07:16 PM
I'm extremely confused about my situation. someone who has harmed in a bad way resulted me in a constant state of fear,ptsd, and paranoid whenever I go to university. However recently I saw them and they didn't do anything, I guess this means they either got bored or becasue they got married. Alhamdullah Allah has been protecting me. But my concern is their life is going really smooth. They are being showered with blessing and bounties. The fact that if they stopped trying to provoke and intimidate me, does this negate all the harm they done ? Is it good sign if this person is life is going smooth which means, Allah is giving them respite before he takes them? Was my dua of oppression really answered?

I'm feeling alot better and little bit safer that they didnt do anything to me today. As I have been taking great lengths to avoid them and I still dread going to library so I study at the mosque. No distractions and I'm totally safe. Alhamdullah.

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10-03-2019, 08:54 PM
Salam Brother,

May Allah help you to heal quickly. Forgive whoever has harmed you and try to pray that Allah guide them to practice Islam. Allah loves those who forgive.

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