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12-24-2019, 11:18 AM
RulesAs per the sharia ETHIC of reciting the Quran is a serious concern because of the HOLY book. The person wants to get suggestions toward the Quran so, It must be followed following rules before starting to recite Quran Pak.First of all, the person wants to recite Quran, It should be neat and clean by clothes, physical(hire remove), mentally(thinking good deed for mankind). simply person takes a bath when it has some ambiguity by the concern of cleaning.When the person reciting Quran Pak, It must be focused on the message of Allah and grip some points for developing ourselves, Family and society.The revelation of the Quran is in the heart of Muhammad sullaha ho alahai Wasalam. So, it is clear when you read the Quran, your heart is blank for any material or economical thought or loving, then the Quran will glorify your heart In peace, Muslims believe that the Holy Quan should be honor with the deepest respect. However,Allah is All-Merciful and we can't be held responsible for what we do in lack of understanding or by means of mistake. The Quran itself says:Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error (2:286).Therefore, there is no sin in Islam on that person they have committed mistakes unconsciously and then it feels regret for it also concern toward ALLAH for Tobaa. ALLAH is merciful for all mankind those who concern quranforkids.com

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