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12-29-2019, 12:42 PM
Assalamualykum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu.

• The more we surround ourselves with the Qur'an and busy ourselves in its recital and memorisation, the more Allah preserves us and protects us through it.

• When we think about how, at times, thousands of Angels descended with just one Surah (e.g. Al-An'am) or one verse, it is no surprise then to know that Angels surround, protect, and walk alongside the huffadh of Qur'an who spend their days in the company of this Book.

• It is no surprise if - due to their continuous recital - they find their life blossoming, their affairs being taken care of, their illnesses being removed, their heart being settled in peace, things working out for them and so on.

*• When you preserve the Qur'an, realise that the Qur'an preserves you tons more.*

• May Allah make us from amongst the people of Qur'an, ameen

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