View Full Version : Can looking at horoscopes cause sihir? If so, how do I stay safe on the web?

01-28-2020, 03:29 AM
I am already impulsive, partially due to my autism and ADHD. Everytime I use my phone and see homepage news or visit some turkish liberal news sites or go to homepage automatic news before searching for something i see zodiac garbage but it's already telling me stuff i dont need to know before I can turn my eyes away, and i get wiswas about whether i looked on purpose or not. can looking at them cause sihir? because the laxness in hidhma jamaat for astrology is astounding, they openly say, "oh im this zodiac sign, im like this,"and even the scholars say its allowed as long as it's not to predict the future. but it's a slippery slope. may allah grant hidaya to everyone who thinks star signs are ok, and may Allah cure all those afflicted by magic ameen.

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