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View Full Version : Hajj 2020 Candidates From Canada -Hajj Travel Agents Refused to Refund

06-23-2020, 11:22 PM
AOA Brother & Sister In Canada,

i book this year in January Hajj 2020 and Travel agent offer total amount to pay is 10,000 approximately in 4 payments i paid 3 and in march agent said don't pay further ,Saudis has stop booking hajj for this year.
But yesterday they email me, that saudis has cancelled hajj 2020, now u can go to next year your money will be in hold for whole year and so until next year.

i want my money be refunded because i book for this year and they are holding my funds for another year for so, reason, no Saudis Govt told them to hold funds for any candidates these are 19 Travel agent in Canada who gang up and decided last night to hold funds for all hajjis who deposited to them,

I think thats unfair to clients who are not getting refund back from them,

Saudis Embassy has to step in and TICO Canada ( https://www.tico.ca/ ) has to file complaint against them, also some lawyers has to file law suit against all these 19 Hajj agents in Canada to cancel there Licences for not to refund money to poor clients who saved this money for long time for this important event of lifetime journey.

Like to see brothers and sisters your reviews and like to team up against this HAJJ mafia in Canada.


Tags: Hajj 2020 cancel, hajj refund denied by Hajj Travel agents in canada, How to get refund from Hajj 2020 from travel agents, hajj 2020 complaints,foreigners, only local are allowed hajj 2020 in saudia this year.

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