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07-21-2020, 11:18 AM
Salam Aleikum,

I have an issue with a friend relative to money and I was wondering what the Quran can tell about that and Islam values.
9 months ago I lend my friend some money. Until now I was never refund and that put me in trouble few months ago at the level myself I need borrow money to someone else. And issue with my wife who didn't enjoy this situation...

The only thing I got from my friend until now was "insha'Allah I will refund you". My issue now is not the refund of money but the attitude of my friend. I asked him to answer some questions for help me understand the situation and sleep in peace. In the past it's happen to me to be without money at a level I was only eating a little piece of bread once a day during one month. I shared some personal stories to explain my friend I know what is it to be with zero resources. I told him if he was in this level I understand. And I asked him to clarify his situation in order to know if he was really with zero resource or if I was simply not on his top priority to refund. He refused to answer this question.
He told me also he will refund me and we will be not friend anymore. I told him if we are not friend so it's a good way for him to avoid any explanations. So I sum up our friendship history, with all I did for him, giving my conclusion. I asked him if my conclusion was wrong or if he has another point of view. Again he refused to answer me.
So here I wonder as he considers himself as a good Muslim. I have some questions.

1. Is that a Halal behavior to refuse understanding the pain I got and refuse to help me by answering simple questions?
2. Is that allow in Quran to refuse to accept full mistakes when you give pain to other?
3. If I would be a Muslim, his behavior would be different? Maybe there is something in Quran telling when a Muslim ask you a question about an issue, then you are not allow to refuse. But if a non-Muslim ask you a question then you have the right to refuse.

Yes, I'm not Muslim, but I have lot of friends Muslims and always happy to learn new thing about Islam. I think here is the right place.

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