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View Full Version : Amazing Project for Ongoing Rewards

Hamza Asadullah
08-07-2020, 02:51 PM
Assalaamu Alaikum,

This is an amazing opportunity for Sadaqah Jaariya (ongoing rewards). One Nation have bought some land in Zambia to build a small Village for the local Orphans & Muslim community including a Masjid, Orphanage, Health Centre, Water supply & School.

You will be rewarded continuously for the use of all these facilities. 40K has already been raised. I'm raising £500 towards this project. Just £350 to go:


*100% Donations policy*

Reg Charity No:1156200 - Onenationuk.org

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Hamza Asadullah
08-08-2020, 04:16 PM
Imagine the huge ongoing rewards for decades or longer, for every person that benefits from the facilities in this new village:

- Every prayer & Qur'an/knowledge learnt in the Masjid

- Every orphan sheltered & looked after at the Orphanage,

- Every person treated at the Health & Medical Centre

- Every sip drank from the Water supply

- Every pupil educated at the School

*£218 to hit target of £750. Be part of this:*


*100% Donations policy*

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