View Full Version : Repentance: Gate of all Gates.

Abu Fauzi
08-13-2020, 08:11 PM
As-Salaam alaikum,
In ayat 31 of Surat Nur of the Holy Qur'an, we have read it where Allah Ta'ala says:--

"And O you believers!
Repent (and turn) ye all together
towards Allah, that you may attain bliss" (24:31)

Whoever wishes to reach Allah Ta'ala should enter from the gate of all gates- repentance. This is the first gate to be crossed by the servant when he/she seeks to enter the Presence of nearness to the Lord of Heavens and Earth.

The ayat quoted above indicates that repentance is an obligation, a duty. When inviting people to it, the Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said:--

"The one who repents from his sin is as the one who is sinless;
Repentance erases whatever has preceded it."
And 'Allah accepts the repentance of His bondsman until he is gasping [death rattle]''.

Know that repentance is an incumbent obligation, since the avoidance of sins and obedience to Allah are an unceasing duty. Let us repent, return to Allah by:

(1) Regretting and show remorse for disobediance
(2) Immediate abandonment of sin and
(3) Determination not to sin again.


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08-13-2020, 09:17 PM
Thank you brother for this amazing share....

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